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College Catalog 2024 - 2025 
College Catalog 2024 - 2025

Paralegal Studies Certificate

This program introduces students to paralegal practice and procedures. Students develop paralegal skills and knowledge that enables them to assist lawyers in conducting research and in preparing legal documents. The program is intended for students with an associate or bachelor’s degree.

* Milestone Courses should be taken in the order shown. This will help you stay on track and graduate on time.

Admission Requirements

  • Degree Proof of a completed Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree
  • Letter Submission of a Letter of Interest
  • Resume Submission of a Professional Resume
  • References Three (3) Letters of Reference

Admission Requirements Advising Note

  • Student may enroll full-time or part-time
  • As a prerequisite for a clinical placement or internship this program requires that all students must undergo a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check and a Sex Offender Registry Information (SORI) check. For more information regarding the College’s CORI/SORI check process, please contact the College CORI/SORI Officer at 617-228-2193 or visit https://www.bhcc.edu/studentcentral/academicrecords/coriandsorichecks/

Total Credits: 12

Semester 1 Advising Note

  • Program chair approval may be required to register for elective courses as well as PLG-103  and PLG-202 .

Total Credits: 15

Semester 2 Advising Note

  • Program chair approval may be required to register for elective courses as well as PLG-103  and PLG-202 .
  • Apply for graduation

Upon Completion of This Concentration Graduates Will Be Able To:

  • Understand the legal process and the nature of law practice
  • Construct and evaluate logical arguments in support of specific positions.
  • Conduct effective legal research and oversee legal projects.

Career Outlook

Paralegals typically find jobs with law firms, corporations, government offices, non-profit entities, banks, health care organizations, bio-tech companies and financial institutions. Areas of specialization include litigation, corporate law, criminal law, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, bankruptcy, labor law, immigration, family law, and real estate.

The number of jobs in the paralegal field is expected to grow much faster than average through 2016, and the position of paralegal is consistently ranked among the best jobs in America. Boston is home to one of the top legal markets in the United States and BHCC’s main campus is minutes away from many courthouses, law schools, law firms, and government offices.

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Unauthorized Practice Of Law Statement

A Legal Studies graduate may work as a paralegal only under the supervision of an attorney and is not authorized to engage in the practice of law. The ABA (American Bar Association) defines a paralegal or legal assistant as “a person, qualified by education, training or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency or other entity and who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible.