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College Catalog 2024 - 2025 
College Catalog 2024 - 2025

Student Central: Financial Aid, Student Payment and Academic Records

BHCC Student Central

BHCC Student Central

BHCC Student Central offers centralized student services related to Financial Aid, Student Payment, Registration and Academic Records. In addition to a physical Student Central location in the Charlestown Campus second floor B-Lobby, students may also visit the Chelsea Campus Student Services Office, or access the Virtual Student Central, providing access to services from home or after business hours. For more information, please visit

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office at Bunker Hill Community College assists students and their families with meeting the costs of a college education. BHCC participates in a wide variety of federal, state and private financial aid programs.

Students must be aware that all institutions, including Bunker Hill Community College, are subject to changes in funding allocations from both the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States Department of Education. For more detailed information, visit the financial aid section of the College’s website at

Through the online services system, students can see and print their Financial Aid award letters, view their current and previous years’ Financial Aid records and check the status of their current Financial Aid application.

Financial Aid General Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for financial aid, applicants must be United States citizens or eligible non-citizens, possess valid social security numbers, be enrolled in or accepted for enrollment in an eligible academic program and working toward a degree or certificate. Additionally, applicants must maintain satisfactory academic progress (see Satisfactory Academic Progress, listed under Academic Policies and Procedures), comply with Federal Selective Service Law and not be in default on any educational loans or owe a refund on any federal grants or loans to any institution.

Students who have previously obtained a bachelor’s degree or equivalent at any U.S. or foreign institution are not eligible for financial aid grants, but may be eligible for loans. It is important to know that students may lose their financial aid eligibility if they have attempted 150 percent of the credits needed for a certificate or a degree. The College strongly advises students to consult with Student Central if they are contemplating a change in enrollment status. For information, go to the Student Central, or call 617-228-2370.

Financial Aid Application Process: FAFSA

Financial Aid applications must be completed for each new academic year. To apply for financial aid, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and supply all requested documentation in accordance with the priority deadlines. This form can be completed online at When completing the application, please note that the BHCC Title IV code is 011210. Students should retain and keep in an accessible place a copy of their FAFSA as well as all other documents used to complete their FAFSA.

Applicants are notified in writing if additional documentation such as tax returns is needed. Returning students and applicants for admission should contact the Financial Aid Office if they have any questions about this process.

Priority Deadlines for Financial Aid

Priority 1, 2 and 3 deadlines are posted online at These dates outline financial aid application deadlines to ensure that you are notified of your award in time for registration.

Financial Aid Policies

Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid

Students are considered to be achieving academic progress if they complete at least 66 percent or more of the total number of credits that they have attempted at BHCC and are meeting the following minimum cumulative grade point average:

Cumulative Credits Attempted Grade Point Average
Fewer than 12 no minimum
12-30 1.79
More than 30 2.00

Finally, you must successfully complete the credits required for your degree within 150 percent of the standard length of your academic major. For example, if you are majoring in an associate degree that requires 60 credits for completion, you must complete your degree requirements by the time you have attempted 90 credits or you would lose your financial aid eligibility.

Unofficial Withdrawals

Per federal regulations, students who stop attending all of their classes without formally withdrawing from the College will be identified and may lose a percentage of or their entire financial aid award for that semester. If a student fails all of his or her attempted credits for a semester, the federal regulations require that the College assume the student stopped attending the College. If the Financial Aid Office cannot obtain proof that the student completed at least 60 percent of the semester, the Financial Aid Office will then prorate and recalculate the student’s financial aid award, which may result in the student owing a balance to the College. For more details, see the Financial Aid Refund Policy.


Students who receive loan funds while enrolled at Bunker Hill Community College must complete an exit loan interview session before leaving the College. The Financial Aid Office notifies graduating students prior to their anticipated graduation date. This notice provides information regarding loan repayment. Students can make individual arrangements for a personal exit interview by contacting Student Central.

Appeals Process for Academic Progress

Students have the right to request a one-time, unsatisfactory academic progress appeal if they fail to attain a satisfactory GPA and/or course completion rate and are denied financial aid consideration. If financial aid recipients experience extenuating circumstances that affect their schoolwork, they have the right to appeal the decision. Reasons to appeal may involve, for example, a documented illness of a student or of a spouse. Because it is difficult to define all the possible reasons that could lead to unsatisfactory academic progress, students should contact Student Central, for instructions on how to submit a written appeal.

Appeals Process for Financial Reasons

A student’s family’s financial situation may change from that reported on the FAFSA application. At the request of the student, the Financial Aid Office, will review a change in the financial situation of the student to determine if adjustments should be made to the calculation of the student’s financial aid eligibility. Examples of typical appeals include a loss of employment, a reduction of income of a parent and/or spouse or uninsured medical expenses.

Federal Financial Aid Refund Policy

The calculation of the return of Title IV Funds is determined by the date that the student withdraws. Title IV aid and all other aid is earned during the time a student is attending Bunker Hill Community College. The percentage of aid earned, up to a maximum of 60 percent, is determined by dividing the number of days a student was enrolled by the number of days in the semester. If the student withdraws from all courses after 60 percent of the semester is completed, Title IV aid is viewed as 100 percent earned.

Return of Title IV funds is no longer required beyond that point. If a student withdraws before 60 percent of the semester is completed, however, the student may owe a portion of his or her financial aid, if the Financial Aid Office determines that the student has received an amount larger than the earned amount.

The term “Title IV Funds” includes the following programs:

  • Federal Pell Grant.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG).
  • Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan.
  • Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan.
  • Federal PLUS Parent Loan.
  • Federal Perkins Loan.

In accordance with federal regulations, financial aid funds are returned and allocated in the following order:

  1. Unsubsidized Stafford Loan.
  2. Subsidized Stafford Loan.
  4. Federal Pell Grant.
  5. Federal SEOG Program.
  6. Other Title IV programs.
  7. Other state, private, and institutional aid.
  8. The student.

Bunker Hill Community College will return any funds necessary to Title IV based upon the calculation. Based upon the return of Title IV Funds calculation, students are responsible to repay to the Title IV or state programs any funds that were disbursed directly to them and for which the student was determined to be ineligible. The procedures and policies listed above supersede those published previously and are subject to change. Please contact the Student Central, Room B202 if you have any questions about the policy.

Scholarships and Awards

Students applying for scholarships must be:

  • Matriculated and enrolled full time (12 credits or more) at BHCC at the time of application, unless otherwise noted in the scholarship eligibility criteria;
  • Attending BHCC during the semester they are receiving the scholarship;
  • Have no In-Progress (IP) grades at the time of the scholarship application deadline; and,
  • Have earned the minimum number of credits and/or cumulative GPA as specified for each scholarship.

When scholarship eligibility criteria require a minimum number of credits or grade point average earned, only college level courses (numbered 100 and above) taken at Bunker Hill Community College and applicable toward a degree or certificate program will be considered.

All students are welcome to apply regardless of status. For a full list of scholarships, deadlines and application forms, please visit the scholarship website at


Grants are sponsored by the federal and/or state government and need not be paid back. For a complete list of the grant programs in which BHCC participates, visit

Work Study Program

Bunker Hill Community College participates in the Federal College Work Study Program. Eligible students may receive funds from this program as a result of the financial aid application process. Federal program regulations require that a percentage of these funds be earmarked to community service- related work. Check with Student Central for a listing of available Work Study positions.

Cost of Attendance

Tuition & Fees

The Board of Higher Education sets tuition and the College sets fees. Both are subject to change. For current tuition and fees, visit

Health Insurance. Massachusetts state law requires that all students taking nine or more credits in the fall semester or nine or more credits in the spring semester have medical insurance. There are no exceptions. For current rates, visit

Other fees associated with attendance may include: Special Cost Course Fee; Liability Insurance Fee; Photo ID Replacement Fee; Returned Check Fee; Transcript Fee (paper request); Transcript Fee (electronic request); Refund Check Replacement Fee. These rates can be found at

The Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018. Sec. 103 of the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 prohibits schools from imposing a late fee, denying access to facilities, or other penalties against a veteran or eligible dependent due to a late payment of tuition and/or fees from VA.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Bunker Hill Community College offers a number of courses that do not require the purchase of textbooks or course materials. Instead, these courses use Open Educational Resources (OER)-educational materials that reside in the public domain or have been released under a copyright license that permits anyone to freely use and repurpose them. OER courses are available in a variety of subjects.

MA Residency Tuition

Students registering for classes at Bunker Hill Community College who are eligible for in-state tuition must complete the Massachusetts Community College In-state Tuition Eligibility Form. An eligible person is defined by law as a U.S. Citizen, lawful immigrant, permanent resident, or holder of another legal immigration status who has satisfied the duration residency requirement of six months prior to the start of the semester of enrollment, but not more than one year prior to that date and can demonstrate his/her intent to remain in Massachusetts. A member of the armed forces (or spouse or child) on active duty in Massachusetts or any individual using educational a assistance under either Chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill®-Active Duty Program), Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation}, or Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill®), of Title 38, United States Code, and/or the Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship (38 U.S.C. § 3311 (b)(9)) with the intent to live in Massachusetts while attending Bunker Hill Community College will be charged in-State tuition rate.

The college reserves the right to make any additional inquiries regarding the applicant’s status and to require submission of any additional documentation it deems necessary. Questions concerning residency requirements should be directed to Student Central.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

Tuition Waivers

Several kinds of tuition waivers are available to Bunker Hill Community College students. These waivers include, but are not limited to, National Guard, veterans, senior citizens, Native Americans, state employees and wards of the state. To receive a tuition discount, students must present the waiver at the time of registration.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not fund all courses; therefore, the use of certain waivers for those unfunded courses will be restricted. Students eligible for waivers should obtain clarification from Student Central before making course selections..

Outstanding Financial Obligations

Bunker Hill Community College is responsible for making “diligent efforts” to collect amounts due to the state. Diligent efforts shall include e-bills or written bills at your request, dunning notices and subsequent assignments to a collection agency. The student is responsible for all collection costs and any fees incurred in the collection of debt and for informing the College of any dispute regarding the debt.

The College advises students that their debts may be discharged through the intercept of any Commonwealth and Federal payments that are due to them or scheduled to be paid to them including tax refund. Please be advised that your student account debt constitutes an “educational benefit overpayment or loan” as defined pursuant to 11 U.S.C section 523(a)(8), and therefore is not dischargeable in bankruptcy.


Students can register for classes before the semester’s payment due date. At the time of registration, students receive online registration information including their bill, class schedule and information about payment and insurance waiver deadlines. BHCC will send all follow-up communications and statements to your BHCC e-mail address and subsequently to the address on file. Students are required to make payments on time; failure to receive these notices does not excuse late payments. After the payment due date has passed, students must pay for courses at the time of registration.

The College accepts payments online at You may pay by credit/debit card, or from a checking or savings account. Money orders, company, or scholarship checks must be mailed to Student Central. International students also have the benefit of making payments in the currency of their choice through the PayMyTuition and Western Union links at

The College processes electronic checks through ACI Payments, Inc. When you provide a check you are authorizing conversion the check to an electronic form to be submitted as an ACH debit entry to your account.

The College offers a tuition payment plan to students and families who have needs that cannot be met with federal or state financial aid. You can learn more about the payment plan options and how to sign up at For specific information about the payment plan, contact ACI Payments at 1-866-964-4020 or

Students can access their financial account summaries online at The account shows both current semester payments received and balances due.

Refund Policy

Students dropping or withdrawing from classes should log into Self-Service and navigate to Academics from the menu in the top left corner. The Withdrawal Form and upload page are located there. Please follow the instructions exactly to submit a valid form.

Failure to officially withdraw results in a grade of F or NA in the course and an obligation to pay in full. The schedule of refunds for tuition and general college fees applies only when proper withdrawal or class drop procedures, as established by the Academic Records Office, are followed. Lack of attendance or course abandonment does not constitute a drop or withdrawal. For specific refund deadlines please refer to the course schedule for the semester or session.

Student Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

Chapter 23 of the Massachusetts Acts of 1988 requires that all students registered for nine or more credit hours must participate in a comprehensive health insurance plan unless they certify that they are participating in a health insurance plan with comparable coverage. If a student has comparable coverage and wishes to waive participation in the Massachusetts Community Colleges insurance plan, the student must submit waiver information via the Internet by the published due date or at the time of registration. For more information, visit All questions regarding the Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) should be directed to or call 1-877-623-6765. Students already on MassHealth should call 855-273-5903.

Health Insurance Refund Policy Except for medical withdrawal due to covered injury or sickness, students withdrawing from the College during the first 30 days of the period for which coverage is purchased shall not be covered under the policy and a full refund of the premium will be made. Students withdrawing after 30 days will remain covered under the policy for which the premium was paid and no refund will be allowed. Students who do not withdraw completely, but who drop below nine credit hours within the first 30 days, may apply to Gallagher Student Health and Special Risks for a refund of health insurance premiums. Registering for mini- sessions, web courses, and Center for Self-Directed Learning courses later in the fall or spring semester may restore the student’s obligation to carry health insurance

Academic Records

Academic Records

The Academic Records Office maintains student academic records, ensures that student rights are protected under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and provides many services including registration, schedule adjustment, withdrawals, processing grades, transcript requests, program changes, graduation, personal information changes and verification requests.

Final Examination Schedule

Final examinations take place during a student’s last class for each course enrolled during the semester. The final examination Assessment Period is usually scheduled the next two days after the last day of classes. Students who have more than two exams scheduled in one day may request to reschedule the exam. Students who miss final examinations must notify the appropriate Academic Dean of their program area immediately, stating the reason. The individual faculty member makes the decision regarding makeup of final exams.