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College Catalog 2021 - 2023 
College Catalog 2021 - 2023

General Sonography Option Full-time, A.S.

* Milestone Courses should be taken in the order shown. This will help you stay on track and graduate on time.

Admission Requirements

  • Diploma High School diploma or GED
  • Session Attend a mandatory Information session
  • Credits: 3
  • Credits: 4 *
  • MATH College Algebra or Statistics Credits: 3
    Completion of any 3 credit College Algebra or Statistics course
  • TEAS Complete the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Allied Health

Total Credits: 10

Admission Requirements Advising Note

  • TEAS scores must be at least 47.6 percent in Reading, 46.7 percent in Math and 47.6 percent in English/language
  • All Admissions course requirements must be completed with a grade of C or better
  • Anatomy and Physiology must be completed within ten (10) years of application unless currently working in a related healthcare position
  • Approximate application dates for the Fall program are mid-October through mid-February for admission to the program for the next academic year. Check with the Admissions office for exact timelines
  • As a prerequisite for a clinical placement or internship this program requires that all students must undergo a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check and a Sex Offender Registry Information (SORI) check. For more information regarding the College’s CORI/SORI check process, please contact the College CORI/SORI Officer at 617-228-2193 or visit

Summer Before Starting the Program

Total Credits: 3

Accepted and standby students must complete either the online MIG-111  or PHY-201  with a grade of C or better in the summer prior to the start of the program. Students will need access to a personal computer with Internet access for MIG-111 .

Total Credits: 17

Semester 1 Fall Advising Note

  • General Education Requirements Quantitative Problem Solving, Scientific Reasoning and Creative Work satisfied by program.
  • Core courses (i.e. MIG prefix) are only offered once per year and must be taken as scheduled, as must BIO-204 .
  • Fall start only.

Total Credits: 16

Total Credits: 6

Total Credits: 13

Total Credits: 11

Semester 5 Spring Advising Note

  • All required general education courses must be completed by the end of the second spring semester.

Semester 6 Summer

Total Credits: 3

Upon Completion of This Concentration Graduates Will Be Able To:

  • Recognize and identify the sonographic appearance of normal anatomic structures and Doppler flow patterns.
  • Utilize ultrasound equipment to obtain an image and provide physicians with diagnostic information for treatment.
  • Understand the role of ultrasound in patient management and discuss the biologic effects of ultrasound.
  • Apply to take the national registry exam (ARDMS).

Career Outlook

Graduates of this option qualify for employment in hospitals, HMOs, clinics, doctors’ offices, mobile units, community health agencies, equipment/film companies, and/or as application specialist sales representatives.