Sep 30, 2023  
College Catalog 2023-2024 
College Catalog 2023-2024

ENV-111 Survey of Renewable Energy

This course investigates the potential of renewable energy technologies to help solve environmental and economic problems within society. Areas of investigation include solar energy, wind power, hydropower, geothermal, fuel cells, biomass, ocean wave power, and alternative transportation options. Also addressed are conventional energy sources including oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy. Consideration will be given to related issues such as costs, externalities, system efficiencies, emissions and other environmental impacts, financing incentives, and the regulatory and market forces impacting the alternative energy industry. Students will learn how to assess the viability of incorporating renewable technology, such as solar or wind power, for residential and commercial applications. This course satisfies the General Education requirement for Scientific Reasoning (previous area title: Science and Technology) for all programs.
Class Meets 3hrs. lecture; 3 hrs. lab.

Prerequisites MAT-093  or higher, and RDG-095  and ENG-095 , or ELL-103 .
Gen. Ed. Course Yes
Mass Transfer Course Yes
Credits: 4