Jan 31, 2023  
College Catalog 2021 - 2023 
College Catalog 2021 - 2023

CIT-110 Applications/Concepts

This survey course covers the use and application of modern computer systems. This course includes detailed coverage of fundamental computer concepts, terminology, applications, and theory. Students will get extensive ‘hands-on’ personal computer experience and gain a good working knowledge of MS WINDOWS and MS OFFICE. Upon completion of this course, students will have a grasp of important computer concepts and terminology, an understanding of INTERNET use and applications, a high degree of competence with personal computer hardware and software, as well as an understanding of the effects of information technology on the individual, organizations, and society. All Learner Outcomes and Competencies in this course are based on accepted, published ICT Industry Standards. Students with prior learning experience may test out of this course by contacting pla@bhcc.edu. For additional information and/or a course syllabus contact CITDepartment@bhcc.edu
Prerequisites ESL-098  or RDG-095  or ELL-103  
Gen. Ed. Course No
Mass Transfer Course No
Credits: 3