Jan 31, 2023  
College Catalog 2021 - 2023 
College Catalog 2021 - 2023

GEO-101 World Regional Geography

This course examines the physical and human geographical context of major social, cultural, economic, and political issues in selected regions of the world, including but not limited to the following concerns-globalization, urbanization, environmental and climate studies, demographics, geopolitics, colonialism, plate tectonics, earth hazards-and develops a mastery of maps and other visual aids as means of learning and communication. Regions covered include the Americas, SubSaharan Africa, Europe, the Russian Domain, North Africa/SW Asia, Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Oceania. This course meets the General Education requirement for Community and Cultural Contexts.
Prerequisites Grade of C or higher in ESL-099  or ENG-090 ; and ESL-098  or RDG-095 ; or ELL-103  
Gen. Ed. Course Yes
Mass Transfer Course Yes
Credits: 3